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Giving Back to Yourself

Are you suffering from chronic over-giving or burnout? Do you have poor boundaries and don't know how to implement healthy ones? Are you feeling overwhelmed and need some support?

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Shift Perspective

Putting others first results in putting yourself last. By mastering your psychology around this, I help you shift the way you see yourself and empower you to put yourself first


Identify Imbalance

Together, we clarify your vision and direction using tools such as personality typing and boundary work to create a strategy tailored to you and your needs

Holding Hands

Implement Change

Making changes is scary - I am here to guide you and give you support as you carry out the changes necessary to have the life you deserve to be living

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About Shannon

Shannon assumed the role of caregiver at an early age – having alcoholic parents and being exposed to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, she has overcome significant trauma and has experience with many forms of healing. This led to a natural affinity to nurture others. A registered nurse for 13 years, she understands the stress and overwhelm that accompany a demanding career. She is passionate about educating her clients to heal and empower themselves to create better boundaries and a more balanced life.

A graduate from Merja Sumiloff’s Integration Mentor Program, a certified Mental Health in the Workplace Mentor, and a Reiki Practitioner, she has used these skills to make profound improvements in her professional and personal life. Her vision is to create an  environment where people have the tools to make effective changes, both professionally and personally. 

Shannon also loves to write, is an avid traveller, and a self-proclaimed music nerd.


Past Client Experiences

Shannon was very good at holding space for me as we went through the process. There were some sessions where I had some fairly deep issues that I was facing, and some emotions came up and Shannon was awesome at just being there and allowing me to feel those emotions and to continue to guide me as we continued through. She made the space safe and she made me feel like she had my back.

Sean S., Australia

I have more insight into why certain emotions come up in reaction to challenging situations… That ultimately means that I can take control of my life instead of feeling like it always controls me.


Shannon was so compassionate when I needed it. She was excellent at holding space and empowering me. I was able to work through some big communication blocks I had. She was also able to give great insight as we spread everything out to look at it.

Erin G., USA


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